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Common problems Phoenix assisted care can help seniors with
January 11, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Common problems Phoenix assisted care can help seniors with

Personal and home care get to be increasingly difficult with age. It’s not uncommon to visit an aging parent and find that it’s been several days since they’ve bathed or taken out the trash, which can both cause health problems. You can help your parent avoid such problems with Phoenix assisted care. If you’d like to know other common problems assisted care can help with, our team at Sage House Senior Care has a list of six areas where your parent can get help.


Seniors often live alone as their spouse has passed away or they never got remarried after a divorce. This can be a lonely existence that makes it difficult to want to carry out everyday activities like cleaning the house or even bathing. It can get difficult or unsafe to perform old hobbies like woodworking or painting so that extreme boredom can set in. Assisted care is a great way to provide seniors with a conversation, which is a great way to lift their spirits.


Moving about the house or getting outside isn’t always safe when seniors have limited mobility. Small objects in walkways, cracks in sidewalks, and long oxygen hoses present tripping hazards, so even walking from the couch to the restroom presents a problem. Assisted care gives you peace of mind knowing that your parent is getting help getting around their house safely with reduced risk of falls.

Medication management

You don’t have to be elderly for it to be difficult to remember to take your medication. However, it can certainly be more challenging as mental acuity decreases. An assisted care provider will help your parent to remember when and if they’ve taken their medication to ensure that they’re not only getting the maximum benefits from adhering to their schedule, but they’ll also help to prevent accidental overdose.


Even those who are physically active can have a hard time keeping up with housekeeping items like laundry, cooking, and cleaning, so it’s easy to understand why seniors can let these tasks fall by the wayside. Your parent’s assisted care provider can help to keep their house in working order by doing laundry, making the bed, cooking healthy meals, and other items that get to be increasingly difficult. By eliminating these tasks from your to-do list when visiting your parent, you’ll have more time to visit and enjoy their company.


Driving is one of the first things that gets to be unsafe for our parents as they age. Although, taking their keys can be difficult for them because it’s a piece of their autonomy and freedom to come and go as they please. Furthermore, complete reliance on you, their offspring, or another person can be difficult and frustrating. You can give your parent added freedom with assisted care transportation, so they can get to the grocery store, enjoy time at the park, or walk the mall. Wherever they like to go, assisted care is a great way to help them get out of the house.

Personal care

When people live alone, personal care is one of the first things to fall by the wayside. As the prospects of going out into the public or hosting guests drop each day, the feeling that comes with a need to get ready for the day slowly goes away. You might notice that your parent has gone several days without combing their hair, changing their clothes, or bathing. Having assisted care is a great way to ensure that they’re getting the help and encouragement they need to get ready for the day. You’ll find that their overall demeanor will improve because personal care is a great way to help morale and self-image.

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