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Introduction to Phoenix senior living with Sage House Senior Care
November 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Introduction to Phoenix senior living with Sage House Senior Care

When you’re looking for Phoenix senior living for an aging parent, it’s essential that you find a location that offers the appropriate amenities and services they need in their advanced age. At Sage House Senior Care, we understand what it takes to provide seniors with quality care that fits the needs of the individual. Read more below to learn more about us and what we have to offer.

Assisted living homes

We provide senior living in each of our four assisted living homes that are limited to 10 residents each. A team of medical providers owns our company, so we understand what it takes to provide quality care for seniors. This ratio sets us apart from other companies as our leadership has experience practicing senior care rather than simply working with its theory.

24-hour care

Seniors often need 24-hour care to ensure that they’re getting the attention they need. We provide round-the-clock care, which means that we’ll be there when your parent needs assistance with showering, dressing, toileting, walking, and medication management when they need it. We’re proud to offer a 5:1 resident to staff ratio, so there’s always someone nearby when our residents need assistance.

Managed by medical professionals

Medical professionals manage each of our locations to ensure that each resident gets the individualized attention and care they need. We keep electronic records with each facility to make it easier to provide coordinated care between our providers and each residents’ primary care provider. You can feel comfortable that your parent is getting the care that they need.

Daily care

Even basic, everyday things can get to be much more difficult each day as you age, which is why our team provides a high level of daily care to each resident that will make it easier to go about their day. We can assist with anything they need, from laundry to toileting to preparing meals to walking around. Our staff will be there when each resident needs them to provide necessary assistance with any part of their day.

Activities and entertainment

It’s not possible to stop aging, but we can certainly work to slow it down. Staying active both mentally and physically is essential to slowing the aging process. Our staff works hard to plan activities and entertainment for our residents to keep them moving and stimulate their minds. Physical and mental stimulation helps combat pain associated with arthritis that can develop over time and improve residents’ morale.

Specialize in memory care

Memory care is often among the top priorities for senior care. Our team specializes in memory care, so you can feel confident that your parent is receiving a high level of care designed to fit their needs. We have a strong understanding of the needs of seniors, so we’re equipped to serve residents dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory loss conditions. Our senior living homes are designed to meet the needs of residents living with various levels of memory loss.

Contact us for more

If you’re looking for Phoenix senior living for your aging parent, get in touch with our team at Sage House Senior Care today. Our medical professionals work hard to ensure that each resident receives the proper care and attention that they need to continue living their life as long as possible. Reach out by calling 602-926-7289 or sending a message using our online contact form. We can provide you with as much information as you need to make the best decision for your parent.